Light and dark, good and evil, heaven and hell: there are many names for one and the same thing. But what is good, what is evil? Who is able to say?

One thing can be said with certainty: that there are as many views on this subject as there are people. This is despite the fact that there can only be one really existing truth. After all, truth itself does not depend on human sense and opinions, it simply exists. But what is it like?

How could it be otherwise - to find out is the task of every human spirit itself. On the way to the truth or to the light, we encounter all kinds of explanations and theories and every human spirit is called upon, indeed obliged, to research and examine for itself what of what it experiences, hears and sees corresponds to the truth and what does not. What resonates harmoniously with the soul, with the intuition, the inner voice of the human being?

The ways of human beings are manifold and wherever there are human beings, there can be light as well as darkness. The deeper the human being sinks into the dark swamp, the duller the light becomes, but as long as the light shines, it can reach even the lowest depths, as long as... people want it. So it depends on the will whether the light and thus also the truth can reach the inside of a human soul. Wherever people orientate themselves towards the light and do not hide from it, the light will reach people's hearts, because people come from the light levels and are drawn back to them.

The light oases of Tanduria are meant for all those people who carry the spark of light longing in their hearts and who would like to meet other people who are also striving for light. Here, no denomination, no particular faith, no dogmas or certain teachings are to be spread, but an open and respectful contact with each other characterised by the great love of the Creator. The oases of light of Tanduria shall serve especially the people who are travelling in the virtual worlds. Of course, we are also happy to help anyone who has no experience with this digital world, but the focus is on meeting people of the kind described above.

A warm welcome!